Welcome 2014.. Hope you are as good if not better than the last…

Well it seems as though 2013 is out and 2014 is in.. Or at least it will be shortly! I have to be honest when I say that I am stoked for next year. I have been in the crazy metal detecting hobby for a couple of years now and I still have a passion for it. 2013 has brought me to many new things I enjoy and has solidified my passion for metal detecting. If you have read my blog consistently you will remember that I set out a goal of 100 silver coins for the year. You can tell by my totals page that I missed the mark greatly. I believe with every fiber in my body that I jinxed myself by harassing Pulltab Miner when I had an early lead.. Looking back it makes perfect sense. He had just gotten his beloved Maurice and hadn’t learned all of her intricacies. Overall I’m perfectly OK with the lack of silver. There have been many things that have happened over the last year that makes up for it. Miner and I had this crazy idea of starting a metal detecting club and it has gone very well. We started Wheat State Treasure Hunters back in April of this year and I am quite proud of the things we have accomplished. I do believe that 2014 will be a great year for our club and Wichita folks who enjoy the metal detecting hobby in our area. On that note, I would encourage everyone to get involved in the political side of our hobby. We all know that a group of people can make their voice heard and that is exactly what our hobby needs. I personally have enjoyed all the detecting activity on Facebook, 1000mikes, and reading through several blogs on a regular basis that have to do with detecting. It seems that there are many, many, great people in the hobby that are wanting the same thing. I am confident that with all of the social media outlets a pretty powerful group will come out of it. Hopefully it happens sooner than later!

When it gets down to it I feel like I have matured as a detectorist but my finds haven’t really shown it. I have been doing more research, getting permissions on better properties, and making new friends who enjoy the same nutty hobby I do. This is why I am totally stoked for next year.

I must throw out a HUGE THANK YOU to my family for supporting my crazy hobby! Without them I would have nothing in life and I am blessed that they understand (Kind of)… My Queen will probably never understand why I’m so obsessed with this hobby but she understands that I enjoy it and she allows me to do it. Thanks Babe!

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great 2014!

*\_ Steveouke



Well today marks an acheivement in my metal detecting career. Today was my first multiple silver day.

Hunt #1-

With the sun shining and a perfect 74 degrees I decided to hunt over my lunch break. I went what I call “freestyling” this means I was hunting curb strips in the oldest part of Wichita. First target I dug was a 1962 Roosevelt dime. Second, a 1940 wheat penny. I then hunted for a bit and found some odds and ends. Two items were small and deep which makes me have faith in my machine yet again! One is an old hat pin and the other is an old button. On the way back to the truck I dug two more wheat pennies a 1944 and a 1940.

Hunt #2-

After dinner my oldest boy had soccer practice. I took this opportunity to go see my new buddy John. He is the older guy that has seemed quite interested in our hobby. His grandson had purchased a Bounty Hunter Tracker IV a few years ago and they were not impressed with it. He had told me that he got it from his grandson and may tinker with it. Knowing that John doesn’t have access to the internet or television for that matter I decided to print him off an owners manual for the Bounty Hunter. I wasn’t planning on hunting there this evening with Kolton being at practice. John started asking questions about swing patterns so I had to demonstrate. During the 15 minute exercise I dug a couple memorials and a 1944 mercury dime. Johns face lit up when he saw the shiny stuff come from 4″ down. I have a soft spot in my heart for elders and he is no exception. Every time we part ways he says “God be with you and your family”. Now I don’t think he is a saint or anything but it is nice to hear these words.

Happy Hunting!





This morning I hunted a new to me part of College Hill Park in Wichita. I was quickly overloaded by the audible mixture of beeps and bells. I am thinking that there may have been some buildings in the area previously due to the amount of noise coming out of the Garrett. It was like trying to decode an infants coos, cries, and grunts. I hunted for about an hour and I only collected two coins and a bunch of pulltabs. I actually found myself wishing I had a higher end detector that would give me more information to help me decide whether or not to dig. I probably would have had better results with a sniper coil as well!

Happy hunting and Thanks for reading!


Peace, Peas, or Both?

I spent some time hunting the oldest park in Wichita today. I found an area of the park that seems to be less traveled. I don’t want to say the finds were good but at least they were interesting… List below

15 pull tabs- Many of these pull tabs were interesting for one reason. They were all less than 2″ deep. I started noticing a pattern when I would kneel down to dig them. Peas, There were peas in the area. Someone should give peas a chance!

Bullet of around .40 Caliber- This was 7 inches deep. It was such an odd sound that I had to dig it up. I know this bullet is bigger than a .32 caliber because it is visibly bigger than the .32 caliber casing I found a few weeks back.. Someone should give peace a chance!

No precious metals but it was still a gorgeous day to be out and about.



“Prospect”ing park pays off and my back feels better

Today I was out on sales calls and saw a park in Wichita. I had never noticed this park before. A little later I sent PulltabMiner a message asking about the park. He informed me that it had been there since 1900. I didn’t use my break at work today for metal detecting and I had the itch. I left work right at five and headed to the park. I couldn’t spend much time there because two of our boys had baseball games. There were a couple kids there that looked up to no good. I had dug two pulltabs before they headed my way. I saw them coming so I took my headphones off and heard them snickering. Me being me smiled and asked how it was going. They asked what I was doing and told them I was looking for metal. They asked if I had found anything. I quickly tossed them the two pulltabs and said yes. They went on about how boring and dumb it was… Little do they realize. The next target I came across was a Nickle signal with a little Pulltab mixed in. Bouncing between 2-4 inches. I dug a plug and pinpointed dead on center and just a bit deeper. I was giddy like a school girl when I saw my find. A ring marked14K and makers mark Artcarved… My first gold and I didn’t want to celebrate externally. A quick dash back to the bike and I was gone! The whole way to the ball game I was thinking how mad can my wife be that I’m 5 minutes late because she’ll love the gold. She wasn’t nearly impressed as I was, but did agree that it was cool! Happy Hunting is back again!


Mems an Acura and the BIG O

Well tonight I tried a different kind of hunt for big silver. I thought I would go to the older part of Wichita and hunt curb strips in front of businesses. Well my finds are in the picture. My back is really starting to hurt from this constant two week slump I’ve been in. I can’t blame the Garrett Ace because it is doing it’s job. I am just really having issues in hearing which signals I want to dig. I find myself questioning signals that are iffy over 6″ deep. If I hear an iron tone all around an iffy high tone I have been choosing not to dig it. The Garrett gives out a nice belltone on any coin less than 5″ or so. I dig them and there are coins. I am really struggling with those deeper questionable ones in trashy areas. My buddy PullTab and I were discussing the idea that knowing your machine is a very important factor. I’m still learning and the DD coil and new headphones have changed the way things sound. The coil opened up what I would call another layer of targets to perceive. I hope my slump ends soon. The upside is that I enjoyed a great ride in the stormy weather. My favorite time to ride is right before a storm moves through!

Happy Hunting!